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SB Member Network

Join a Community of Change-Makers

Sustainable Brands’ Member Network is a community of brands and solution providers who are pursuing good growth through purpose-driven innovation, business transformation and brand-led culture change. It's a safe and productive space where brand and sustainability professionals come together to assess their journey, share obstacles and insights for overcoming them, benefit from premium research, and co-create solutions that drive progress for all. Discover what this collaborative, pre-competitive and cross-sector community has in store for you.

Actionable Insights to Drive Good Growth

Leverage insights from the SB Brand Transformation Roadmap® to gauge a brand's progress, drive dialogue and swiftly align the business around a shared vision and the steps needed to achieve it. Draw upon exclusive market research, performance benchmarking and playbooks to understand what ‘good’ looks like today, what sustainable behaviors consumers are adopting, where they are encountering challenges, and how to drive good growth by helping them overcome those barriers.

Meaningful Membership Engagements to Accelerate Impact

Create rich connections and productive partnerships with peers through facilitated cohorts and SB gatherings. Dive deeper into shared topics of interest with discussion groups and co-create new resources with other SB Members to drive business impact and systems change through working groups.

"Throughout my years as a sustainability practitioner, I have tremendously benefited from the SB membership and network. This network has been instrumental in helping me to solve critical challenges – and to grow as a professional. Collaboration is key in creating the systems change needed to build a more sustainable future and SB is an organization that enables us to build those necessary relationships."
VP and Head of Sustainability,
The Clorox Company

SB Membership Packages

The Sustainable Brands Membership packages have been curated to meet the growing demand that brands and solution providers face as they pursue profit through purpose. This collaborative and insight-rich network has been expertly designed to help Members accelerate brand transformation, stimulate good growth and lead the way to a new regenerative economy.

Which Package is Right for You?

Choose from three SB Membership packages designed to meet the needs of your growing business. In addition to the package offerings, you can customize your engagement by adding additional tools and resources to meet your brand and market transformation goals.



Ideal for a solo practitioner who is championing sustainability within the business and seeking to get others engaged.


For brands that have begun the journey, have a core team driving the transformation and need guidance on strategic integration.


For brands with several business segments engaged and seeking shared learning experiences, team alignment, and access to more insights and best practices.

Solution Providers


Ideal for small organizations where engagement with the SB Member Network will be light.


For mid-size organizations that are seeking more engagement with the SB Member Network.


For enterprise-scale organizations seeking to get several colleagues engaged and increase access to insights and best practices.

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