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SB Ad Sustainability Awareness Platform™ (ASAP)

Benchmark and Optimize Your Purpose-Driven Advertising

Test your creative with the SB Ad Sustainability Awareness Platform™ (ASAP) and measure the power of your campaign’s ability to drive action against nine research-backed, most impactful, sustainable behaviors that consumers and brands can take together. This cutting-edge tool, co-created by a unique collaboration of leading global brands including Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo, Visa, and Nestlé, is designed to measure, compare and improve the efficacy of purpose-driven advertising. 

Unlock learnings and insights from this tool, paired with top tips from renowned brand and creative leaders, which reveal how effective storytelling can be created with authenticity, credibility, and relevance through the SB Excellence in Execution™: Films for Good playbook.

Measure What Matters

Unlock your SB Sustainability Effectiveness Score by measuring your campaign’s ability to drive sustainable action through the SB I-ACT Principles (Influence, Action, Credibility, Talkability). Metrics also include the campaign’s effectiveness on encouraging the audience to make more socially responsible and environmentally conscious choices, and their perceptions on how the ad increased/decreased their overall brand favorability. Brand leaders will receive rich norms to understand their purpose-driven ad performance, in the context of your industry’s best-in-class ads, filterable by demographic segments, supplemented by open-ended response verbatims, and organized through the lens of the SB Nine Sustainable Behaviors™.

Upload Your Ads Today

ASAP has been designed for speed and ease of use. Upload ads at any time, with a 10-day turnaround on both qualitative and quantitative results, and get real-time feedback. Domestic and international testing is available, with the option to open new international markets based on your target market. Understand your ad performance early in the campaign process, to ensure the optimization of your creative development.

"PepsiCo’s aspiration is to make our sustainability creative as engaging and sharable as our conventional campaigns, and this simple & easy to use tool helps us benchmark across key metrics including, the power of a campaign in driving Action. I would encourage brand managers to use this tool pre and post-launch to develop compelling content that drives meaningful change."
Global Marketing Director,
Sustainability & Purpose

Learn more by downloading an overview of this game-changing tool.