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SB Brand Transformation Roadmap®

Assess, Benchmark, and Accelerate Your Sustainability Journey

As environmental, social and governance challenges take center stage, business leaders are stepping up their efforts to ensure a prosperous future for us all – a multi-trillion global market opportunity in the next decade alone. However, navigating the brand transformation journey can be confusing and overwhelming, especially if you have just begun.

Over the past 17 years, Sustainable Brands has pulled together the collective wisdom from a network of brand leaders, robust research and insights to create a comprehensive orientation guide and navigation tool: the SB Brand Transformation Roadmap®. This assessment tool enables brands to navigate the complex landscape of solutions, best practices and resources, discover how they generally compare with other brands, and receive bespoke guidance targeting their level of progress, opportunities for improvement and long-term goals. 

SB Five Pillars of Brand Sustainability™

Purpose, Brand Influence, Operations & Supply Chain, Products & Services, and Governance.

Through an online self-assessment and an SB-guided analysis of the results, the path forward for brands to becoming more sustainable has never been more clear. This tool allows business leaders to pinpoint their brand’s cross-functional progress across the SB Levels of Transformation™ within each of the SB Five Pillars of Brand Sustainability™. Brands then receive practical next steps and recommendations while revealing the priorities needed to become a highly influential, prosperous, and regenerative brand.

These assessments measure more than just ESG. They show brands how to leverage their innate purpose and capacity for influence to establish market-leading positions and a competitive advantage. The SB Roadmap is designed to drive dialogue, build consensus, and more swiftly align your business around a shared vision while revealing the steps to achieve brand relevance, market opportunities and leadership.

Customize Your Experience

  • Provide an upskilling opportunity to help colleagues become more sustainable and drive good growth by traversing uncertainty with answers that reduce doubt and build confidence.
  • Capture varied perspectives across the business to identify areas of miscommunication, misunderstanding and disagreements for resolution.
  • Compare different brands within your company to identify inherent strengths and opportunities for peer mentorship to solve problems together that you cannot address alone.

  • "The SB Brand Transformation Roadmap® provides teams with thought-provoking statements on sustainability across many different parts of the business to facilitate collaborative discussion. It’s a practical way to engage with various stakeholders and results in a better understanding of where Brands fall today and where they can go."
    Director, Global New
    Products Innovation
    Church & Dwight

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