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SB Socio-Cultural Trends Research™

Understand Your Consumers

Throughout the year, Sustainable Brands conducts regular socio-cultural research studies tracking the changing drivers and behaviors of consumers around the intersection of brands and sustainable living. Results reveal the evolving attitudes related to environmental and social justice issues, consumer intentions and aspirations toward adopting sustainable lifestyles - specific to the SB Nine Sustainable Behaviors™, and consumer perceptions on individual brand performance.

Unlock Consumer Insights

Brands can better understand the intention-action gap consumers face by diving into the annual large-scale report, testing their individual brands in the study and receiving brand-specific reports and scorecards, and unlocking additional insights from smaller pulse studies throughout the year. This data allows brands to strategize their social and environmental initiatives through the lens of their consumers, improve their brand influence and positioning in the marketplace, and create a deeper connection with their customers.

SB Socio-Cultural Trends Research™ Key Takeaways:

Three years in a row, 96% of US consumers surveyed intend to behave in ways that protect the planet, its people, and its resources

When asked which is more important to address, social or environmental issues, 53% believed they are of equal importance

79% agree that solving environmental issues will require solving social issues (and vice versa)

85% of US consumers say they are loyal to brands that help them to achieve a better and more balanced life

78% of US consumers say they support companies that act sustainably by purchasing their products and services

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